Easter Cup 2018 - the big easter tournament came to a successful end

[01. 05. 2018 | 263x přečteno]

April's Easter Cup 2018 is behind us and the winter with it. It is every year a sweet finisher of a hockey season for a hundred teams from all over Europe and Russia. Eight tournaments in total happened here on the ice stadium in Most just before its big reconstruction - from the youngest category U8 to the oldest category U17 - they played over 200 matches, the biggest tournament had to be in both Most's and Bílina's ice stadiums at once


From morning to night - every day the hockey spirit was everywhere, every year more and more people come with the teams and it could be seen in the stadiums. They were cheering and cheering not only during the games but during the skill competitions too - where all of them met and made an almost full stadium.

It is about the hockey of course - for everybody, but also it is a good opportunity to see some interesting sights and places here in Most and they know it! Near the stadium, for example, the moved church of Nanebevzetí Panny Marie - everybody loves it here and that is why they always come back with more friends. If they are not on ice nor seeing places - they are having fun in front of the stadiums - competing in funny ways with music for prices like hockey pucks, belts, hats or t-shirts - the adults can calmly watch their kids have fun while enjoying a fresh beer and crispy sausage - doesn't it sound like a good way to spend Easter ?

Everything was prepared and ready, it is absolutely necessary that everything is in order and we know it. From accommodation through to food, locker rooms, ice time for training, medical assistance to people who can speak languages to translate. Every year we make this and much more things better and smoother and according to you all - we are doing it right because people always tell us that they are satisfied and happy with our organisation.

For all those who couldn't make it to the tournament we were prepared too, we have a very active Facebook profile, website and youtube channel where daily video reports in multiple languages, news and all kind of information were available to follow. Www.avantggardsportv.cz www.eastercup.cz and www.facebook.com/AvantgardHockeyCZE/ with www.youtube.com/c/AvantgardHockey . These are the places where you all could see the info first hand and can now see whenever you please - everything stays there and it is possible to see how the tournament developed through years.

Easter Cup 2018 is no more bud Avantgard Hockey is still working. Stay tuned for video mapping the easter cup's atmosphere - exactly just how it was. We are also getting ready for this year's Summer Cup and of course Christmas Cup and we will, of course, keep you updated! Last but not least - we also getting ready for our weekend camps where young players are getting better every year - they are coming to new seasons better to get closer to their dreams to play in big hockey tournaments.