Easter Cup 2018 in news feed!

[03. 03. 2018 | 581x přečteno]

It is standard today that we are working to inform you and pull you in to see whats happening in our tournaments on social media like Facebook and web. From the first hand, you will get to look straight into Easter Cup 2018 with all the information, events and results. Reports, interviews and sneak peek into festive ceremonies - all that will be even better and bigger than ever - we decided to put even more effort into this service.


This year for the first time we will have and use our brand new youtube channel where you can now find all available history of videos and spots from all the previous tournaments. This channel now serves as a platform for new videos and as an archive too - many regular visitors can watch their game's and the tournament's evolution in one place.


It was you - our followers who gave us the signal that this is what you want - many time it happened to us that somebody asked us on facebook how their team plays - we went straight to the ice and made a short clip from their teams match so you could see it right away. This year we will be looking into inbox too and will try our best to make the experience as best as we can for you so don't be shy to write us and ask anything - we will be there for you.