Train your hockey skills on Spring Weekend Camps !!!

[21. 02. 2018 | 548x přečteno]

Do you want to step up your game? Come to train with professionals - every weekend from May to July we will be here to help you improve your hockey skills. some of the best players from European countries are training with us because they know it is the right place to get better than others - not only from Czechia but also from Slovakia and Germany. the results are awesome, our players have the lead in points of their leagues and for their teams, they are an indispensable force.

We train stars - because we know whats important. By regularly training with us - 12 youth representatives made it to their leagues - names like Miloš Roman, Michal roman, Gregory Saakyan, Martin Weinhold and many others have improved their game by hard work with us. Six hours of ice every weekend - effectively spent. We are focusing on effective group training but also on individual needs of every single player - from their weak points we make strong ones.

Training with us pays off and are a good way to boost up upcoming careers of young players - for example with Roman brothers? They made it to World Championship of U20 category to represent their nation and our players often even play with older players because they are better than their peers. For more information contact us on and watch a video of how it looks on our training.