Easter Cup 2018 - filled with applications

[18. 02. 2018 | 408x přečteno]

Our emails are full of applications for Easter Cup 2018 these days. Teams from countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Romania, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and of course home Czech are confirmed to play. The tournament will be as always European wide and as every year bigger than the last time. Not only national teams but mainly club teams are to play - for example HC Sparta Praha (CZ), HC Slovan Bratislava (SK), dinamo Minsk (BY), Blues Blue (FIN), Siberian Penguins (RUS), EHC 80 Nurnberg (D), MHK Budapest (H), Phantoms Antwerp (B) and many others and select teams too - for example WTT Slovakia Talent (SK), Czech Stars Team (CZ), North Stars (CZ), Avantgard Hockey (CZ) and many others are confirmed to attend.

Every year we are getting applications from teams who want to play after we are already full. In many cases, it can happen that we cannot accept any more - even if we'd like to,

Easter Cup 2018 is to start MArch 23rd and will run through to April 22nd. You can look forward to see everything you like about the tournament - festive ceremonies, cultural program, live music, ligh effects and of course ice hockey. Everything will be as always captured by our medial team, every day actual video reports and live streams that you can find on our Facebook and Website.