Georg Saakyan – Hockey means everything to me, i want to get to the upper leagues like KHL or NHL and i will do everything to get there

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Russian – in Germany living player Georg Saakyan – born in 2000 is on of those who brushed their Ice hockey skills with Avantgard Hockey – his presence in hockey school and on weekend camps helped him get better. He is often one of the best players on Christmas and Easter Cup tournaments and he is playing hockey since very very young age. His first clubs in Russia was North Star Moskva and Atlant Mitišči. In the end of 2007 Georg and his family moved to Germany where he found his place in Dresdner Eislöwen Juniors where he later made it to their first league and in this period he and his father started to go train and play to Avantgard Hockey where he made his ice hockey skills considerably better with coach Zdeněk Kolman. Thanks to theese sessions he is always one of the best players in canadian points of all the tournaments he plays in. Even now he visits, train and play with Avantgard to this day and still gets better and better. He is regularly invited to German representations – in season 13/14 he played in Jung Adler Manheim team and in 14/15 he returned to Dresden Juniors. In 15/16 he began to board german representation U15 and year after that he became steady and important member of U16. Today he trains with A team in Dresden where he was in the first five in U18. Thanks to his extraordinary skills and talent he regularly plays tournaments with older players, because he is better than all of his peers – if he doesnt stop – he is looking at a very bright hockey future.


Hello Georg, tell us something about you and hockey, we know you started at early age, how was your hockey starts ?

I first „played“ hockey in Russia when i was 3 years old, it was fun for me and i fell in love with the sport instantly – it was straight up chemistry.


After you moved to Germany you found your place in Dresden team, tell us about this - how was it to move and to join new team ?

In the year 2007 when i was 7 year's old, me and my family moved to Germany. It wasnt easy to get into the team, i had no friends and i realised that i have to show what i got, after the first game started to be popular in the team and then everything was better - more friends and fun.

Shortly after you moved to Germany you started to go train and play with Avantgard, did it help you a lot in your hockey skills improvement ?

Sure, i realised that i want to be better and better so my father came to Avantgard Hockey and we went to a tournament with Avantgard and it was good and fun, afterwards we went to camps and i learned much from Zdenek Kolman, more skills on how to make various good shots, power skating, puck controll and how to move it - that helped me a lot.


You play every year in Avantgard team on Christmas Cup and Easter Cup tournaments, are you always excited and look forward for theese tournaments ? What do you think of them ?

I play in these tournamens to gain more experience, to play against different countries and teams is a great experience and i can always make improvement of it, every year it is harder and harder because better and better teams are invited, the tournament is always very well organized.


Tell me how does your hockey situation looks right now, what are you doing where are you playing or played this year ? What are your ambitions and what do you look forward to in recent future view ?

I play in Dresden with the juniors and with the professionals in the 2nd German league and for the German U18 national team. I want to go as far as possible to the upper leagues like KHL or NHL and i will do everything to get there.

Little obvious question, what does ice hockey means to you ?

Quite simply, Hockey means everything to me - it is my life my love and my pride.


Thank you for your time Georg, we wish you only the best in your hockey !