Easter Cup 2017 .... It Was Huge !

[03. 05. 2017 | 332x přečteno]

In the days of march 31st to april 23rd a massive ice hockey tournament Easter Cup 2017 took place in Most and partially Litvínov. It was 16th year of Easter Cup and it was huge ! This year it was total of 7 tournaments divided by age category - U8, U10, U12, U13, U14, U15 and U16. Teams from Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, France, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Russia, Belarussia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and of course Czechia attended – so the tournament really was Europe wide. Each tournament had its opening ceremony with cultural program done by rock choir Melodica and the figureskating team of Most, after that while all the teams were present the major of Most or one of his colegues greeted the players on the ice, wished them good game and started the play of the national anthems of all nations present. After this ceremony skill competitions started, players competed in disciplines like one lap speed, slalom with puck, shooting speed, shooting accuracy and penalty shots for both shooters and keepers. Every tournament had its big finale too, both teams came to the ice to hear both anthems and after the match all the players were awarded for their accomplishments from the whole tournament.


Not just for the teams but for the whole city it was a great event and one could see that something's up. The big parking place behind the ice arena of Most was full all the time and the city went through a big wave of turistic activity. All the guests loved it in Most, they loved how the people here were friendly to them, they loved the surroundings, they loved the Hněvín castle, they loved the Nanebevzetí Panny Marie church and many other places which almost all of them visited in their free time here – everybody we asked instantly told us that they will be happy if they can come next year again. Even in front of the ice arena it lived big, everytime the weather was good – players trained and DJ Milan played outside, the kids were competing in little competitions for various prices, after some time even local kids and people joined thieese fun activities. Inside the ice arena it was hockey marathon – players playing, families and friends cheering all the time – various emotions from good to bad were present while teams were shooting goals and winning or losing the matches. All the couches from all the teams have agreed that this tournament is a unbelieveably great experience for theese young players – for many of them it was the first time to play the real hockey and compete against so many teams from all those countries. They all also agreed that the organisation of Easter Cup was on very high level, everything and everybody was taken care of, accomodation, food, medical help, communication in varisous languages – everything worked just fine !


Easter Cup 2017 was stronger even in the matter of media and was reachable whom the whole world, it had a live social site facebook profile @AvantgardHockeyCZE mapping the whole event - photos, information, curiosities, interviews witch coaches and players – all this and more, everyday and instant – thanks to this, fans and families from the whole world could see whats up, they reacted, shared and often even requested if they could have something from specific matches, all theese requests were fulfilled. The facebook page also often reminded everybody to check on www.eastercup.cz where they could see the tables and results. Among social site the team of Easter Cup made a summary videoreport from every tournament with all the ceremonies, competitions, fun activities, matches, interviews and finale – the whole atmosphere and mood was captured on theese with all the results and information too. Thanks to this, even the notorious fight after 3rd place match of category U16 between Belarussia's HC Brest and Slovakia's Liba Academy 11 Košice where even the referee was attacked was captured https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BwnU_Q5FYQ . Thanks to this Easter Cup went world famous. One more thing though, Easter Cup had every tournament's opening ceremony, skill competitions and final match professionally streamed live on www.tvcom.cz so everybody who couldnt come to the tournament really didnt miss anything at all. The videoreports and recorded live streams can all be found here http://www.avantgardsporttv.cz/videa/8/Easter-Cup/ and if anybody want to check the facebook post history they can do so here https://www.facebook.com/AvantgardHockeyCZE/ .


Summary information from every tournament (in Czech) with all the links and information:









Easter Cup 2017 would like to say thank you to everybody who participated and we are looking forward to see you next year !