Fight from U16 category became famous !

[18. 04. 2017 | 657x přečteno]

This year‘s Easter Cup became world famous thanks to that notorious huge U16 3rd place match end fight between Liba Academy 11 Košice from Slovakia and HC Brest from Belarus. The whole match was tense, little fights, taunts, screams and crackdowns were present all the time and the ref of course punished them, after the end though instead of line up to shake hands both teams went to Košice‘s defensive zone, you could see that it is about to go down. Brest didnt took its loose 1:4 very well and in no time all hell broke loose, not only that they attacked their rival players but they attacked the ref too ! Suddenly everybody was fighting and it looked more like a fight club than end of a hockey game, Slovakian players defended the ref as much as they could and if it wasnt for them – he would have ended up beaten up pretty bad. After few moments when everybody realised what was happening, all the adults that were present started to jumping to the ice ring to break up the fighting and calm down the situation. Lucky enough nobody got hurt.


Thanks to Easter Cup‘s management who put good effort and takes care about its social sites and want to have everything that happens on the tournament captured and shared with the world and all the parents who couldnt come with their teams, this fight was captured as well. Just as the matches, ceremonies and other interresting things from this tournament the fight was shared too, after just one day the whole world knew about it. First regional (Mostecký Deník), than national (Dení, Blesk,, Refresher and many others) and very shortly after that it came out at places like , FoxSports , TheScore , Yahoo , SportsnetStaff , and many many other world known medias, titles like „Ref, Player Exchange Punches During Youth Hockey Brawl“ , „Wild Brawl erupts between both team and referee at youth hockey game in Czech Republic“ , „Ref fights teen in wild brawl during Czech hockey tournament“ , „Teams, and a ref, fight in insane Czech Republic brawl“ , „OUT OF CONTROL“ were everywhere.


„I was shocked“ the attacked ref Jakub Čmolík told us among other things about how it all happend,“On the TV they said that Slovaks attacked me, that is not true, the Slovaks helped me and if it wasnt for them i would have ended up beaten up bad“ he continued in his interview


„They act like this everywhere“ told us a parent of one of the players that were with their team at another tournament in Poland where Brest was playing too. „He attacked one of our players severely to the head with his stick“ he continued on how they behaved there and also told us that their adults cheering them for acting like this.

Watch the whole interview here

and the fight here

Easter Cup‘s realisation team is glad that nobody got hurt, that is the most important thing according to Zdeňek Kolman – the director of Easter Cup, he also said that even though it is a great advertise for the tournament, we will make sure that such a thing wont happen in the future and Brest probably wont be invited next year.

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